“Human beings are a community of energy filaments, luminous and round.
They are boundless.” – Carlos Castaneda

Being Energy is an eye opener for my mind, a great physical exercise and a unique spiritual practice. I love it.
- Jana, healer & BE teacher, Slovenia
When practicing BE energetic movements, I keep fit, agile, flexible and have tons of energy.
- Luz-Marie, psychotherapist, UK
My Being Energy practice resets my dials’ so to speak, like a refreshing bath of the spirit. To put it in simple terms, it makes me feel young, strong, terrific!
- Angie, filmmaker, USA
The benefits I have felt after practicing Being Energy movements include feeling lighter, more energetic, centered, calmer and at ease.
- Araceli, MEXICO
For me, it’s amazing how far we are from each other [geographically], and how close at the same time. It’s one of the things I love from this practice.
- Vanesa, graphic designer, ARGENTINA
I feel vital and strong, and at the same time quiet and calm when I practice these moves. I feel more connected to life.
- Vladimir, engineer, RUSSIA
Being Energy is the most holistic practice I know of that includes movement, meditation, breath and spiritual affirmation, a modern Shamanistic approach.
- Mike, business entrepeneur, USA
It’s a feeling, it’s a body sensation, it’s a mood, it’s well-being, it’s a wave of energy that comes from the movements, it’s confidence—I can’t stop practicing.
- Sergey, technical deveoper, BULGARIA
Being Energy is a path that brings joy to the body, rest to the mind and enlightenment to the spirit.
- Peter, charity Music for People, UK
Being Energy brings to life inside of me a completeness and wholeness that connects me timelessly to All That Is. It enables me to clear away whatever is in the way of love.
- Jackie, plastic artist, USA
The energy of the group is very gentle, supportive and creative. The group gives me courage and makes me see that I can do it—I can put the knowledge gained into practice.
- Maja, Gyrokinesis Trainer, SLOVENIA
Being Energy provides an in-depth involvement into the warrior’s way; communicates the tools, techniques and concepts of Carlos Castaneda’s lineage; and creates passion for the path with heart.
- Roland, Forest- and Humane Ecologist, AUSTRIA
The movements, meditations and breathing exercises help me to be present, stopping my inner chat.
- Luciano, Webpage designer, MEXICO
BE provides a unique avenue to increase my awareness and direct my intent through daily practice. The magic keeps going on and on.
- Jorge, pianist, USA
It is extraordinary to be able to join the daily practice and connect with people from all over the world. It’s so exciting to be able to feel close to everyone!
- Edu, Pilates trainer, SPAIN
Practicing BE affects my daily life, giving me more awareness, harmony and strength, and helps me be more connected with everybody and all around!
- Dania, writer, RUSSIA
BE’s combination of both rigorous and subtle movement gives me a deep sense of profound well-being like no other practice.
- Paolo, business manager, ITALY
Practicing Being Energy movements leads to inner harmony and calmness.
- Raisa, architect, RUSSIA
During these classes, I’ve come into contact with a bunch of different people from around the globe, and all are enjoying the same beautiful ride: the ride to fluidity and to discovery of ourselves.
- Sam, music composer, FINLAND
The effects of Being Energy practices have been: more clarity, more focus, ability to let go of negative feelings, more fluidity, and definitely more calm. In total, a real change.
- Samuel, USA
Because it is LIVE and real-time, I feel connected to those of us present and the intent of ALL. Feeling connected, I feel more integrated and alive
- Jackie, artist, USA
THANK YOU! My heart is beating, and I have tears in my eyes, and soft, dark, gentle and powerful silence embracing me and you and all the class. Thank you for being here.
Pavel Pavlov, Bulgaria

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